Art Editor, Red: Hearst Magazines UK

•    This role is responsible for art-editing and designing layouts across print and digital aspects of the brand.
•    To deputise for the Creative Director in their absence.
•    This role reports to the Creative Director.
•    The Art Editor will also offer support to the Art team of Cosmopolitan on some occasions via the production hub.

•    Discuss visual ideas with the Creative Director and the departments concerned. When requested brief illustrators, stylists and photographers.
•    Attend photo shoots when requested by the Creative Director.
•    Translate the words and ideas of the departments (Features, Fashion, etc.) into suitable layouts, liaising closely with the relevant department heads.
•    View the portfolios of artists and illustrators regularly and make recommendations to the Creative Director.
•    Work with the Photography Director to be aware of the editorial budgets laid down for the magazine’s photo expenditure.
•    Work closely with the editorial and production staff, especially the Workflow Director and Chief Sub-Editor, to ensure that work flows efficiently and on time. When the Creative Director isn’t there – making decisions on layouts and making sure the workflow is kept to deadline.
•    Be aware of the production schedule for the magazine’s editorial pages.
•    Ensure work is allocated to each member of the design team and is finished to schedule in the absence of the Creative Director.
•    Maintain a thorough knowledge of the print process from layout to reproduction, printing and binding.
•    Be able to colour-correct all proofs, ensuring the high overall quality of reproduction is maintained.
•    Remain fully involved with and have knowledge of all aspects of pre-press; namely:
–    Colour management, including changing and enhancing colour for press
–    Image manipulation
–    Cut-outs including sending cut outs to external company
•    Mark up complex retouching work for in-house pre media team, ensuring work is done to schedule.
•    Maintain and improve the high standard of design in the magazine, and look for fresh ideas and solutions.
•    Design magazine-related projects and brand extensions as decided by the Creative Director.
•    Assist the Creative Director as and when requested.
•    Manage and mentor junior members of the Art team to develop their full potential.
•    Run the Red Instagram along with the rest of the art team.
•    Create in-house illustrations as required by the Creative Director.

•    Demonstrable experience working within a similar role for a magazine brand.
•    Digital design experience and ability to adapt to new technology as required.
•    Experience commissioning illustrations.
•    Experience art directing photography.
•    Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
•    Experience managing a team.
•    Excellent and continually developed knowledge of magazine design, typography, photography and illustration.
•    Excellent understanding of working within a team and transpiring vision and implementing and developing concepts.
•    Proven experience using initiative and making design decisions.
•    Passion, enthusiasm and an endless supply of new ideas.
•    Ability to assist the Creative Director in day to day team management.
•    Maintain a professional attitude to work, setting a good example to junior members of the team by ensuring punctuality, approaching tasks with enthusiasm and purpose and taking on all tasks willingly.

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