Casting Call for Musical Concert

FREEDOM AGAIN (Filipe F. Thomaz)
– Performances on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February –

Direction by Filipe F. Thomaz
Musical direction by Jon Luxton

Synopsis: A young man torn between his righteous beliefs and taking care of his family. A young woman born in a poor country where dreams are never allowed to be dreamt. A man intent on securing what he has fought for. A woman that would die for a just cause. All thrown together by the winds of destiny, in a time where justice and freedom were denied their true meaning, and the storm clouds of revolution hang in the air…

Looking for singers / actors for solo roles and chorus

Luís Santos (Tenor)
Playing age: 25-35 yrs
Luís is an idealistic man who is sent to Mozambique after confronting his company regarding corrupt practices in safety violations. Although he lacks the courage to keep fighting for his beliefs (choosing instead to support his family), he is a compassionate man whose presence and words positively affect the life of those around him.

Keysha (Soprano)
Playing Age: early 20s
Keysha is a beautiful young Mozambican woman. She works as a maid for Portuguese expats, and is selected to be Luís’ maid in Mozambique. She dreams daily of a better life beyond her grasp, and falls in love with Luís, the only man that has ever treated her with respect.

Mariana Santos (Mezzo-Soprano)
Playing Age: 25-35 yrs
Mariana is Luís’ wife. While Luís goes to Mozambique to support her, she gets very ill and decides to go to him, even though the Portuguese revolution has created an unpredictable climate there. She is kind but very insecure.

General Tomás (Baritone)
Playing Age: late 30s to 50s
General Tomás is a Portuguese military. He plays a key role in the Portuguese April revolution and was sent to Mozambique prior to this revolution to deal with its possible repercussions on the overseas territories. Above all, he wants peace and freedom to be restored, with minimal casualties.

Vasta (Alto)
Playing age: 40s
Vasta is a strong Mozambican woman that has lived all her life as a maid for Portuguese expats scraping enough to barely survive and support her children. She is like a mother to Keysha and will do anything in her power to protect her.

Miguel (Baritone)
Playing age: late 30s to 40s
Miguel is a Portuguese man who has lived his whole life in Mozambique. He is one of the top manager in Luís’ company branch there. He was taught that if it weren’t for the Portuguese, the colony would have been extremely underdeveloped, and so is an outspoken voice against the Portuguese government handing the country over to the Mozambican natives.

Arya (Alto)
Playing Age: early 20s
Arya is a Mozambican maid, working with Keysha and Vasta. She is jealous of Keysha’s beauty and her luck in finding a boss like Luís.

Chorus (Soprano / Alto – Tenor / Bass)
Male chorus cast will include Portuguese military, Portuguese and Mozambican civilians.
Female chorus cast will include Mozambican maids, Portuguese and Mozambican civilians.
Minor character solo parts (Portuguese soldiers and civilians) may be shared with some from the chorus cast (mostly dialogue)

Musical reading and training not compulsory.

Interested applicants please contact Filipe F. Thomaz at for auditions october 7th – afternoon and 9th – evening – with contact details, CV and relevant background information, mentioning preferred character(s) (solo and/or chorus) and available days and times for auditioning. You will be emailed back with an audition slot and music / script sample for your part. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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