Alexander Technique – Lisboa

Visiting Alexander Technique teacher is offering on-going workshop. Groups and/or private sessions. The Alexander Technique is a tantalizing and delightful method whose aim is to improve the way we use ourselves, so that we can act, sing, dance or move more freely.

During the Alexander lesson the ‘student’ can experience through a gentle ‘hands-on’ touch or guiding words how to un-do habits such as holding the breath, clenching the jaw, and other unnecessary muscle tension; how to find balance and poise and to expand one’s repertoire of possibilities. With increased awareness and ease in body and thought one can experience heightened spontaneity and creativity in all artistic activities – and enjoy more pleasure in being alive.

Registration deadline
ongoing workshop

Rua Poias do Sao Bento 66, Lisboa

Nov 2, 2017 through Jan 16, 2018

How to enroll
contact or fb Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

To be arranged

Contacts or
fb Deborah Jeanne Weitzman
whatsapp +47 47386921

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