Artist Producer: Somerset House

Summary and aims of role:
Somerset House Trust is seeking an experienced Artist Producer to join the Somerset House Studios department with specific responsibility for devising and leading programmes and projects focused on developing artists and their practice.
The role requires a creative thinker with experience of working across a range of art forms, a strong knowledge of the UK arts and culture landscape and a demonstrable track record of working with artists, to progress their work and careers.

Background to Somerset House
Somerset House seeks to be an inspirational creative community where contemporary culture is imagined, created and experienced.
For 250 years, Somerset House has played a central role in our society as a place where our culture and collective understanding of the world is shaped and defined.
In 2000, it began its reinvention as a cultural powerhouse for today, advancing a new generation of creative thinkers who are pushing intellectual and creative boundaries and shifting perceptions of our culture. We celebrate our heritage by looking to the future with renewed social purpose, creating unique and stimulating experiences for the public, bringing them into direct contact with ideas from the greatest artists, makers and thinkers of our time. Located at the geographical heart of London, we are uniquely placed to serve the capital, the country beyond and the wider world.
A registered charity, we operate an independent economic model where commercial and artistic imperatives comfortably co-exist. At Somerset House, art is embedded within a wider community of creative enterprise, creating a pragmatic and viable vision for the arts and cultural centre of the 21st century.
Our vision is to become the UK’s leading centre for contemporary culture, with unexpected ideas and experiences emerging from the intersection of the three groups that constitute our unique cultural ecosystem.
For the public, we seek to be an inspirational place to experience the work of today’s boldest minds, providing intellectual and cultural connections with new ideas and the people behind them. The combination of our celebrated neo-classical setting and our bold, forward-thinking output creates surprising, stimulating and joyful shared experiences for our visitors.
For artists and makers of all disciplines, we seek to encourage experimentation and the creation of new work. We are somewhere for today’s creative generation to take risks, to push boundaries, to collaborate, and go beyond the obvious.
For the wider creative community, we seek to be a home to the largest cluster of creative enterprises in London, a mutually-supportive community ranging from start-ups to established creative businesses, where the best people, ideas and organisations can thrive.

Somerset House Studios
Launched in October 2016, Somerset House Studios is a new home for artists and makers in the centre of London, championing excellence, risk taking and creative collaboration. This experimental work-space will be a platform for contemporary work, bringing all elements of the creative process to the public stage. With an acute shortage of affordable workspace, there is an urgent need to bring back a creative community to the centre of London, where ideas are the driver and not ability to pay. By allowing this historic building to become the home for up to 250 artists of all disciplines, we are reinforcing our legacy as a critically engaged and vibrant cultural centre in the heart of London. Crucially this community will feed a redefined public programme for Somerset House

Our Goals for Somerset House Studios
 To become one of the UK’s largest artistic and creative communities
 To champion the role of the artist and creative practice in society
 To be internationally recognised for innovation, experimentation and excellence across the arts
 To feed into Somerset House’s public programme and offer a different way for audiences to experience and engage with new work and the people that make it
 To grow an Alumni who support the future of the Studios and Somerset House in general
Somerset House Studios is based in the New Wing of Somerset House, the ground floor of which has a number of rooms dedicated to a new, experimental public programme. Largely driven by ideas, works, activities and processes of the resident artists, it will also feature salons, artist clubs and learning opportunities, alongside projects developed in partnership with likeminded external partners. The Producer is a new role and the successful candidate will be key in developing creative content and strategy for a new kind of public programme at Somerset House.

Role and responsibilities
Main activities and responsibilities
Studios Artist Development
 Work closely with the Director of Somerset House Studios to devise a broad programme supporting the professional development of Studio artists
 To work closely with the Programme Producer to identify new ways to support the Studio community and their work through both public and non-public programmes
 To connect with the Somerset House Learning team on opportunities for artists within Learning programmes, identifying new and dynamic ways artists can contribute to those programmes
 To work closely with the Somerset House Community Development Manager to identify opportunities for connection within the wider Somerset House creative community To work with artists in support of the funding applications pertaining to their residency or Somerset House Studios projects; to issue letters of support as required
 To identify opportunities for the Studio community to deliver skills and practice based events and workshops for external artists and creative practitioners

Other Residencies and Partnerships
 To develop and manage all short term artist residency programmes; to liaise with key partners around the UK as required, oversee selection administration and lead artist and partner relationship management on each project, managing the budget
 To manage the logistics of international short-term residencies and showcases, and to represent Somerset House Studios at allocated events as required
 To project manage all academic and brand partnerships focused on artist research or the development of new collaborative projects
 Support the development of UK and international residency partners, including managing relevant network development events. To manage relationships with existing partners.

Supporting Other Studios Activity
 To work closely with the Director of Somerset House Studios to develop the Associate Artist programme; to lead all Associate relationship management and produce or allocate associated projects as required
 To support the Director of Somerset House Studios on the preparation of Studio related funding applications and proposals, and reporting as required
 To work closely with the Programme Producer and Somerset House communications teams to identify potential digital content and editorial for online platforms
 To manage the tracking and evaluation of all activity relating to artist development programmes and short-term residencies; to support the setting of key KPIs as required
 To produce and manage allocated artist projects within the public Studios programme as required
 To manage allocated budgets
 To manage casual staff and contractors as required

Person specification
 Committed to the aims and objectives of Somerset House and Somerset House Studios
 Strong interest and enthusiasm for arts and culture across a variety of disciplines, and the Studio community in particular
 A minimum of five years experience producing public programmes in an arts context, or artist development programmes specifically
 Experience of working directly with artists to progress their professional work
 Experience of writing funding applications
 Creative and resourceful approach to devising programmes from scratch, quick to spot opportunities, connections and potential collaborations
 Exceptional team player
 Calm under pressure, able to manage multiple deadlines efficiently
 Strong administrator with an eye for detail
 Experience of managing people or teams for the delivery of a project
 Excellent communication skills

 Experience of strategically leading artist development programmes
 Experience of producing medium scale projects across a number of art forms
 Experience of working directly with artists on the critical development and practical delivery of ideas.
 Digitally savvy

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