Audition: Contemporary Art Festival

For Contemporary Art Festival ‘Brussels Independent’ live performance program we are looking for 4 performers/dancers (2 females and 2 males).

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: Event dates: 8-9 November 2018

Deadline for applications: 10th October 2018

The Role
The artist is seeking two male and two female singers who will comprise two duets with
whom he will work to develop a new composition based on each singer’s earliest musical
memory. The composition will be presented as an intimate 5-minute performance and will
draw on the relationship between the singers’ own repertoires and earliest musical memories,
and the resonance of each other’s faces. There will be filmed documentation and
photography of the work and performers should be comfortable being naked for this.

Performers should have a good ear (soloists singers in any musical style, professional or
experienced semi-professional level is a plus). The male voices may benefit from a confident
use of falsetto range, to find resonant notes, though this is not essential.

There is no requirement to read music or understand music theory, the piece is learnt by ear.
Three performances of 5 min are programmed.

Exclusive opportunity to work with an internationally recognised artist.
This is a paid opportunity, but only for the freelance dancers and performers based or working in Brussels.

Auditions: 22nd October 2018
Rehearsals: 23rd October 2018

How to apply
Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. The interested performers will be provided with the necessary information and technical details related to the performance.
The 4 chosen performers are granted a fixed fee.

Contact details:
Ina Ciumakova

For further information, please visit

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