Auditions Lia Haraki

Choreographer Lia Haraki is looking for individuals with the age 50+. They don’t necessarily have to be performers, but an interest in movement, and curiosity for experimenting with their physicality and an open mind about nudity on stage is required.

Does the aging body become an obstacle or a vehicle of expression?
Is it all a matter of accepting the physical form to gain freedom?
How can one be free when trapped in a body that cannot fulfil ones desires?

With this performance Lia Haraki wants to offer a different kind of aesthetic on aging by challenging and playing with the limits of what it means to be really free at any age. She’s imagining a piece where nude bodies of different ages and sex (on stage) become bare of all social connotations and notions of ‘appropriate behaviour’, allowing the body and it’s movement to be the only guides to ones identity of age. A study on freedom as a way to be beautiful, that aims to deal with difference, uniqueness and liberty from form.

This performance is a collaboration with choreographer Lia Haraki , a .pelma. production within the ‘Act your age’ European program.

Rehearsal period: September 2013 at the Dance House Lemesos.
Performances: End of September at the Open House dance festival in Cyprus.

Audition data:
30th May, 10.30 – 15.30 at Opera Estate, Bassano del Grappa
9th June , 10.00 – 16.00 at DAN.C.CE- Dance cultural centre, Athens.
30th June, 10.00 o’clock at Dance House Lemesos Cyprus

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