Casting for Sam Shepard’s TRUE WEST in Lisbon

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JÁ International Theatre

JÁ International Theatre is casting for 4 actresses for its all female adaptation of Sam Shepard’s wild hot play TRUE WEST
Showdates: Premiering in late fall (End October)
Directed by Ed Hooks (

Brief Description:
Set against the blazing backdrop of the Mojave desert, the play is a deep dive into the bleeding rages and the simmering discontent of lives not lived played out through the scalpel sharp encounter between two sisters whose paths have taken them through wildly different stories which now intersect with explosive consequences.
Auditions will be in person in Lisbon in early- mid August

TO APPLY: Please Mail us your CV indicating your interest to with the subject line
TRUE WEST auditions.

Casting notes (4f):
AUSTIN (30-40) is a semi-successful Hollywood screenwriter, an autodidact intellectual. She moved her family – one kid, one husband – north to Portland, Oregon several years ago, to escape the southland smog and showbiz glitz. But it is expensive to maintain the commute. She walks the Hollywood walk, talks the talk, understands how to negotiate a step-deal with a movie studio.

LEE (30-40) is a woman you do not want to fuck with. Lee lives months at a time in the desert, is content with isolation. Supports herself as a petty thief, breaking into the random house, stealing what she can carry, including delivery boxes from front porches. As “True West” begins, LEE and AUSTIN are reunited for the first time in five years. Oil and Water.

SAUL (SAL in our Production) (35-65): Is a Hollywood creature through-and-through. She will sign a deal with you this morning and shred it this afternoon. Zero loyalty to anybody but herself. Slick dresser, wears Jimmy Choo’s, has a 110 golf average, drives a Tesla Model “S”, but can’t really afford it. All the parking valets in Hollywood know her as a generous tipper.

MOTHER. If the sisters’ mother was an animal, she might be a Desert Tortoise. Pushed steadily through life, supported herself and the girls, mainly with clerical and blue-collar jobs, because she couldn’t depend on her alcoholic, absentee husband. Lives off social security these days, still owns the little bungalow she bought 40 years ago, perched on the edge of the southern California desert., Hot, dry weather, just like her personality. That’s why she likes to take the occasional ocean cruise to Alaska. Interior stateroom, of course. Why pay extra for windows? Likes Jasmine perfume, when it isn’t too overpowering.

We want to wind up with something approaching Standard American accents. If you are in the accent ballpark, come to the audition. We’re working on finding a dialogue coach to help you over the finesse line. (Pun intended)

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