Contemporary Versus Urban Choreographic Competition

The Dance Center of the Marais organizes the fifth edition of its choreographic competition in contemporary dance and urban dance. The finals and the prize will result in an evening performance at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, Thursday, June 27, 2013. The finals of the Choreographic Competition of the Dance Center of the Marais will consist of a series of twelve choreographies: 6 contemporary and 6 urban.

Deadline for applications: May 5, 2013

For the choreographers, the interest of the contest is to measure themselves with artistically and technically gifted colleagues in contemporary dance and urban dance. The challenge is truly artistic and choreographic. This completely new opportunity to mix styles is designed to stimulate creativity, open choreographers to different styles, and develop and appreciate the artistic quality of each choreography.
The exchange of ideas, communication with the public, feedback of the jury and the international press will enable the competitors to develop their celebrity.

The event will take place in the finals at Cirque d’Hiver theater in Paris before an audience of 1600 people, invited guests from the world of dance, a jury and the press.

First Prize: € 6,000
Second prize: € 4,000
Third prize: € 2,000
4th to 12th prize: 350 €

Applicants must send the registration form, online, which is available on the Competition website, accompanied by a video link (showing the uncut choreography, no clip) before May 5, 2013:

Competition rules:
The regulation is available online on the website of the competition.

For further information please visit:

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