Cyr Wheel + Diabolo Masterclass

Entidade promotora
Associação de Observação, Regeneração e Criação na Actualidade – AORCA

::A masterclass open to the general public as part of the AORCA SUMMER LAB, with obligatory registration.

Cyr Wheel is a high intensity circus apparatus which requires strong physicality and balancing. It’s a circus art with a combination of strength, grace, agility, music and balance. On the other hand, Diabolo is commonly known as a juggling or circus props. It can be a good practice of coordination between vision and object manipulation.
Content: Basic warm-up, introduction of the props and basics, separate participants in two groups to try these two different props.
*Cyr Wheel – Rolling the wheel, balancing inside the wheel, basic manipulation
*Diabolo – Spinning a diabolo, tossing and catch, passing the diabolo with partner, others basic tricks

Facilitator:: Alvin Yong

Schedule:: 15h00-17h00
Location:: ADL – Associação de Dança de Lagos
Espaço Jovem Lagos na Rua Gil Vicente 50, Lagos
Price:: Free of charge
Registration & additional info::

::Target audience::
General public curious about movement, creation and artistic expression.
Age: Young people and adults
Pre requisites: No previous experience in the area is necessary.
Workshop language: English

:: Important info ::
Limited number of participants to 12 due to distances and DGA rules. Mask required. Please be at the venue 10 minutes before the session for everyone’s comfort and to start on time.

:: Biography de Alvin Yong ::
Alvin Yong, a Malaysian performer specialising in Diabolo and Cyr Wheel, currently attending a circus school in Portugal. Growing up in Malaysia, a country where street performance and circus culture is far from the usual, he is always looking for places and opportunities to feed his passion. He picked up Diabolo as a hobby in 2002 and started to perform on the street with it in 2015. Two years later the Cyr Wheel came into his life, which expanded his horizon towards the circus world. In 2020, he decided to attend a circus school to master his passion, even though he is self taught and never had a professional background. Now he is still evolving together with these two best mates in life. You may read more information about me in my website:

::Apoios Institucionais::
DG Artes
Ministério da Cultura
Câmara Municipal de Lagos
Direcção Regional de Cultura do Algarve
@drculturaalgarve #direcaoregionaldeculturadoalgarve #culturaalgarve

Data limite
First 12 registrations

Associação de Dança de Lagos, Lagos, Portugal

Data de realização
17.09.2021, 15h-17h

Free of charge



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