From Feldenkrais to Dance

Inside out and coming back
or from Feldenkrais to Dance
(Open Level)
Ariel Uziga (AT/ARG)

What happens if we combine a Feldenkrais sequence, a series of movements directed at the improvement of the body, with music, a melody, the rhythm of a poem or the conscious choice of silence? How can we perceive Dance through the perspective of Feldenkrais, a mindful method using movement and learning to gently optimise full-body movement and functions.
How can these both quite different approaches inform and benefit from one another? The idea of this workshop is to explore how functional integration of movement can be taken further and seen in a wider context.

We will start working with the force distribution by our skeleton & bone structures and observe the relation between tension, force and functional movement, while understanding which are necessary and conscious tensions and which are unnecessary and avoidable. The idea is to optimise our movements through an organic organisation of the body and along that line re-activate the flow of movement in the reorganisation and rebalancing of the spiral movement from the feet to the head and observe how that organisation can act as a force within the expansion of our body.

“From Feldenkrais to Dance” is a workshop that revolves around the interaction between Feldenkrais and Dance based on my own experiences as a Feldenkrais practitioner and professional dancer. My proposal is to open a space for experimentation and discovery through the media of improvisation where we will explore different possibilities of dynamics and the use of space inside and outside the body while maintaining a healthy integrity of the body. Spontaneity and curiosity will be our ally in exploring different creative expressions through individual ways of discovering.

Ariel Uziga
Studied dance andt teater in Buenos Aires between 1994-2004 where he did dance improvisation and contemporary dance technique with Eugenia Estevez (a.o.). He further studied a.o with teachers as David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton and Vera Mantero. Since 2005 he has been wokring and living in Vienna, Austria.
He has worked a.o for companies as Carpa Theater, Tanz-Fabrik and Tamamu. From 2006-2018 he was a member of the Serapions Ensemble in Vienna. He currently teaches Feldenkrais throughout Europe and Southamerica while exploring further the intersections between Feldenkrais, Dance-improvisation and his choreographic work.

Data limite de inscrições
11 July 2019

Studio O Rumo do Fumo
Espaço da Penha
Travessa do Calado, 26b, Penha de França, Lisboa

METRO Anjos or Alameda / AUTOCARROS 706, 718, 730, 735, 742, 797

Datas de realização
16 July 2019 From 10am-1pm

Como inscrever-se

25.€/person (limited vacancies)

Ariel Uziga
Feldenkrais Teacher
FB: Ariel Uziga

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