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Das Haus

Das Haus is offering 4 individual creative-project mentoring sessions (2h/each, one-time session) to four professionals of all cultural and creative industries, in April 2022.

This current giveaway is open for professionals from all nationalities, over 21 years old, actively working in (at least) one creative and/or cultural industry for the past 2 years, and currently working on a creative project.
The previous are mandatory.
Former participants of Das Haus’ Labs can participate in this giveaway.

We strongly recommend participation from those who identify as women, members of minority groups, professionals with disabilities and/or chronic diseases, mono parents, immigrants, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, refugees or asylum seekers, other members of underrepresented and marginalized groups, professionals with low income, non-academic background, and emergent professionals over 50 years old.

To participate:
○ Sign up via google form (
○ Follow @dashausproject on Instagram
○ Comment (@dashausproject) by tagging @ 1-3 creative friends
Optional: Share this post in your stories

Only one participation per project is accepted. The winners are going to be selected according to their project, completion of the step-by-step participation process (“To participate”), and principles of diversity and inclusivity.

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Call for participation: March 17 to March 31
Deadline: March 31, 23:59 (GMT +1)
Results: April 7, 2022 (notified by email)

Das Haus [in German, The House / The Home] represents the safer place for creatives. In our home we are free, ourselves, we share who we are, and we invite who we adore.
Das Haus is an independent project that intends to encourage and support professionals of all cultural and creative industries (advertising, architecture, design, film, music, performing arts, publishing, TV, etc.), through labs. Inspired by the basis of resilience, we believe in cooperation as a valuable strength for change.

The Project Pro Lab aims to support, encourage and enable professionals in their career development including a creative project.
This first edition will bring together creatives from different industries and areas of interest to create an open environment for professional and personal growth.
Deadline: 23:59 (GMT), April 1st, 2022
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Data limite
March 31, 23:59 (GMT +1)


Data de realização
April 2022

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