Laura Heinecke & Company are Looking for Dancers to Join for the Production “dis.tanz” (Working Title)

Laura Heinecke & Company are looking for two male and one female contemporary dancers to join for a new production “dis.tanz” (Working Title) in which Six dancers on stage will work on the topic dis.tanz (= distance) and its meaning today in a personal, socio-cultural and spatial sense.

– dance education (contemporary)
– Availability on dates below

Rehearsal Dates:
– “get-to-know”-rehearsals directly after audition (March 5th – 9th)
– March 26th – 30th
– September 10th – November 14th

Show Dates:
– Premiere: 15.11.2018 fabrik Potsdam
– 16./17.11.2018 fabrik Potsdam
– 29./30.11. + 01.12.2018 Dock 4 Kassel
– 14./15./16.12.2018 fabrik Potsdam
– 24./25./26.01.2019 E-Werk-Freiburg

Where: Freiburg, Germany (venue will be communicated with invitation)

When: March 4th, 2018, 10.00 – 17.00 h

How To Apply, please end an email with your CV, photo(s) and video-links to

Deadline for applications: 23rd of February

For more information please visit:

Photo: © Laura Heinecke

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