Looking for actors/performers

V. KOLLEKTiiVNE is looking for actors/performers for upcoming production. It is a international project, that will be happen in Portugal, Estonia and Netherlands.

All kinds of performers are welcome.

CV should be send to v.kollektiivne@gmail.com

Deadline: 16 June

About us

V. Kollektiivne is a physical theatre and dance company, which was formed in 2011 during the Tallinn and Turku, European Capitals of Culture.

V. Kollektiivne is an evolving community of independent theatre artists.

V. Kollektiivne’s work is about taking risks, aesthetically and dramaturgic, is about breaking down barriers between reality and fiction, performers and audience, as well as engage the community into the artistic, aesthetic and ethic process.

V. Kollektiivne is supported by Lesk.

keywords: witty, poetry, movement, physical word, news, community, truth, fiction, irony.

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