Porto/Post/Doc Open Call

Porto/Post/Doc is a film festival that will reach its eighth edition in 2021. As a meeting point for creators, audience and industry professionals, Porto/Post/Doc aims to foster the documentary genre, placing it in the new hybrid forms of contemporary cinema.

With an eclectic selection, the festival is organized around competitions and several parallel programmes.

– International Competition;
– Cinema Novo Competition (films from Portuguese film schools or from Portuguese students studying abroad);
– Transmission Competition (films about music and pop culture);
– Cinema Falado Competition (Portuguese-speaking or Portuguese-culture related films);
– Mini/Teenage (films for children and teenagers);
– Planetarium Competition (immersive films made for fulldome theatres).

The festival has also Focus on directors or other themes. In previous editions, these Focuses were dedicated to Jean Rouch, Thom Andersen, Lionel Rogosin, Chantal Akerman, Peter Mettler, Matías Piñeiro, António Reis/Margarida Cordeiro, Eryk Rocha, Chris Petit, the Sensory Ethnography Lab or the Archive, fostering the discovery of new and highlighted authors with screenings and debates.

Porto/Post/Doc also aims to discuss contemporary cinema, mainly in Q&A post-screenings, book launches and the Forum of the Real, a seminar with specialists, scholars and artists. With School Trip, our educative project, the festival promotes special screenings, workshops and masterclasses for children and teenagers. This educative programme also promotes the Cinema Novo Competition, aimed for Portuguese students and Portuguese film schools.

The festival will occupy two of the main venues of Porto – Rivoli, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Cinema Passos Manuel, a historic and cosmopolitan city, a centre of a vibrant community and nightlife.
Awards & Prizes

Films selected for the festival’s competition will be screened twice in the main venues of Porto and an international jury, composed by experienced professionals and creators, will select the winner:

– Great Prize Vicente Pinto de Abreu (3000 Euros, prize money ).

The films selected for the Cinema Novo Competition (films from Portuguese film schools or from Portuguese students studying abroad) will be awarded the Cinema Novo Award by Canal 180 (500 Euros, prize money) plus 2000 Euros in services at BLIT and 500 Euros in services at Show Reel.

The festival also gives a Teenage Award, given by a group of students of Porto’s schools for the best film in a group of films of several programmes.

Other awards will be announced soon.

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Mais informações