Production Manager, Icon Theatre

18th August 2017

Sarah May

Award-winning theatre company, Icon Theatre, is looking to recruit a Production Manager for its spectacular new outdoor performance, ‘The Silk of 1000 Spiders’. This is a unique, immersive performance event taking place in October at Fort Luton, Chatham, Kent. Fort Luton is one of Chatham’s extraordinary, forgotten land forts. Spanning over 150 years of history, ‘The Silk of 1000 Spiders’ is inspired by the true stories of the invisible labour force who have shaped our landscape and lives. From the sailors, convicts and workhouse inmates who helped build Fort Luton, to today’s migrant workers, ‘The Silk of 1000 Spiders’ explores and brings to light Medway’s untold stories and forgotten lives. Created by Icon Theatre, the show will feature original music, dancers, singers, The Silk of 1000 Spiders Choir, and both professional and community actors.

The Production Manager will be supported by a Stage Manager, Technical Supervisor/Lighting Director, and up to 6 technical crew members.

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