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Rare Effect, Lisbon’s flagship crypto art festival, is back for its 3rd edition. Since our last independent event in May 2021 the crypto art world has accelerated into the physical space at a phenomenal pace.

In the past year we’ve seen many exhibitions showcasing the novel new concept of NFTs and while it’s great to see new collaborators in the space, we feel it’s time to introduce stronger curation and thought leadership into the direction the industry is taking, returning to art and culture.

Curation is key to changing perceptions, and as the world continues through ever more unprecedented changes it’s important for us to reconnect with our values to prepare us for times ahead.
This year Rare Effect is being partially funded by the Portuguese national culture fund DGArtes and the project is being led by Arroz Estúdios & Art Progression Now.

If you are an artist and would like to participate in Rare Effect Lisbon 2022, please fill the form below. Applications are open until 18th September 2022 at 23h59 (Portuguese Continental Time).

Submit your art, follow the link: https://www.rareeffect.io/rare-effect-2022


The theme for this year’s Rare Effect in Lisbon is Migration. Migration is happening all around us, it’s a part of many animals’ yearly cycle and necessary in our exponential acceleration in the technological world. As humans we have developed the ability to migrate but it’s not a privilege afforded to us all.

This concept can be illustrated in the following ways:

Climate Migration – the forced migration of humans & species due to climate change.

Transhumanism – the migration of the human consciousness onto computer systems.

Freedom of Movement & Forced Human Displacement due to conflict or persecution (refugeeism).

Seasonal Migration Systems – swarms, flocks, pods…

Gentrification vs. Regeneration – the process of city development and how we can nurture our communities as they grow.


Types of artwork considered for submission:

– Screen based NFT artwork that will be exhibited at the festival and online (screen ratio will be 16:9, resolution should be 1920×1080 or 1080×1920)
– Physical installations for the exhibition at the festival
– Innovative installations that would work in indoor and outdoor settings.


Submit your art, follow the link: https://www.rareeffect.io/rare-effect-2022

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Data de realização
27/10 – 06/11


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