Rodenburg Voice and Presence Workshop with Mark Downey, RRT- February 23, 2019 (Lisboa)

O Mark Downey gostaria de vos convidar para o seu primeiro workshop em Lisboa sobre Voz e Presença seguindo a abordagem de Rodenburg, a realizar-se Sábado dia 23 de Fevereiro de 2019.
A formação será dada em inglês.
A formação tem a lotação máxima de 15 participantes.

Para marcar, por favor contacte a Chara.

Lisboa, Portugal
Quando: 23 Fevereiro 2019
Sábado, 10h00 – 18h00
Onde : Ginásio do Inatel da Mouraria
Rua da Mouraria, 64, 4º andar, 1149-076 Lisboa

Tarifa de dia inteiro: €100
Limitado a 15 participantes.
Workshop em inglês



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Embodied Voice & Presence Workshop

This full day intensive workshop is driven by Patsy Rodenburg’s Three Circles of Energy™ and informed by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq. We will get into our naturally alert but relaxed bodies, connect with our breaths and open our attention to enter a primal state of readiness. “When the body is alive the voice is alive” is what Jacques Lecoq answered me when I asked when we going to work on our voices. In my time at Ecole Jacques Lecoq have no memory of people losing their voices performing extreme vocal feats as from animal work & Melodrama to Commedia and Buffon.

Embodied now, we prepare to meet language fully physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We work with language that is crafted and forged to be spoken at a heightened level to awaken these dynamics. We will learn how Shakespeare’s words will work you by learning how to work them. We enter ready, without agenda and hold the room as lead actors and speak the text… now we are tested and learn our primary tensions and habits. A glorious moment as we now know the enemies of our presence and what work to do in order to be done with them.

So, if you are ready, come plough the field to attain consistency in your work in this dynamic and highly practical Embodied Voice and Presence workshop for Actors.

About Mark Downey, RRT:

Mark Downey is a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (currently the only one in Europe). He studied theatre under Jacques Lecoq and has performed as an actor, singer and musician in Ireland, France and Canada. He achieved certification as a singing instructor under Seth Riggs SLS and at the Institute for Vocal Advancement. He has taught voice to actors and singers in Canada and the U.S. and was most recently second year voice tutor at the Gaiety School of Acting, The National Theatre School of Ireland. He has assisted Patsy Rodenburg in workshops in Portugal where he now spends half his time.

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Data limite de inscrições
February 18


Datas de realização
23 Fevereiro 2019

Como inscrever-se
Para marcar, por favor contacte a Chara.


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