Space, projeto Teatro Infantil, está à procura de assistentes de backstage para a nossa produção final deste ano: Dear Little Miss Abby.

Little Mr. and Miss have been themselves their whole lives. One day they decide they don’t want to be themselves anymore because they are tired of being criticised for the way they are and no one understands them. They decide to write to “Dear Miss Abby” the advice column in the Chicago Tribune to ask for help. When Abby never answers their questions they run away from home and go on a voyage to the Dear Abby headquarters to find her and demand some answers. Along the way they meet people who make them think that their flaws are ok and may even be helpful. Eventually they get to the headquarters and find Dear Abby eating chocolate and watching romance movies in her robe with a box of tissues. She stopped answering letters because she is having an identity crisis herself and she has nobody to ask for advice. All the characters start trying to cheer her up and give her the advice that they have learned themselves in their journey, that she is fine just the way she is.

Os espetáculos são no dia 1 de Junho às 20:00 e 2 de Junho às 16:00.
Os ensaios são nos dias 17 Maio 16:30- 20h; 18 de Maio 17:00-21:00 e dia 24 de Maio 16:30-20:00.
Nos dias do espetáculo o horário de início será confirmado mais tarde.

Os candidatos devem ter um exelente comando de inglês, aptidão para trabalhar com crianças entre os 9 e os 11 anos, proatividade e dinamismo.
Por favor enviem email para a expressar o vosso interesse a fazer parte do nosso projeto.

Local: Carcavelos

Remuneração: Bilheteira

Data limite: 16 de Maio

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