Workshop on Karel Capek’s classic R.U.R

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The Lisbon Players

The Lisbon players will be holding a Workshop, followed by a Public Rehearsed Reading / Debate, between
Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd December, at Estrela Hall, on a 1920’s play by the Czech writer Karel Čapek,

Rossum’s Universal Robots

which looks into a future in which robots take over the world.
It has been variously described as a “Fantastic melodrama”, a “Futuristic fairy tale”, or “Dark comedy”.

The Workshop will take place on

Friday 1st December – 15h-20h
Saturday 2nd December 15h-20.30h
(There will be a break each day, roughly 17.30h to 18.30.)

Sunday 3rd December – 14h – 15.30h – Rehearsal
16h – A Public Rehearsed Reading

Followed by a debate about issues raised in the play

We are currently looking for actors interested in participating.

The roles are:
Harry Domin: Managing Director, Rossum’s Universal Robots, male, mid thirties
Fabry: Technical Director, R.U.R., male, middle age or older
Dr. Gall: Head of Physiology and Research Department, R.U.R., male, middle age or older
Dr. Hallemeier: Head of Dept. of Robot Psychology and Behaviour, male, middle age or older
Busman: Commercial Director, R.U.R., male, middle age or older
Alquist: Head of Construction, R.U.R., male, older than the above
Helena Glory, early twenties
Nana: Helena’s Nanny, female, middle age or older

Marius: Robot, male
Sulla: Robot, female
Radius: Robot, male
Damon: Robot, male
Primus: Robot, male
Helena Robot: Robot, female
Robot Servants and soldier robots. These include speaking and non-speaking roles.

The Workshop is free to all Lisbon Players members.
If you are not a member, you will need to join on the first day (5€, which entitles you to discounted tickets for a year.)

To enrol, or if you have any questions, please write, by Monday 20th November, to Stephen Bull, who is directing the project:

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