Workshop Sita Ostheimer

WS SITA OSTHEIMER | bailarina hofesh shechter company | 13 de Abril

‘After graduating the University of Music and Performance Art in Frankfurt in 2001, Sita worked with choreographers, such as Martin Stiefermann, Itzik Galili and Christina de Chatel. During this period she created “Closing Time” and worked on the dramaturgy of “Sub Way” (chor. Corneliu Ganea). Sita joined Hofesh Shechter Company in 2008. She created “Noble thinking” (2011) and “Accompany” (2012). Sita is also working with Leah Capaldi , National Theatre/UK, MetisArts and filmmaker Tom Brown. She regularly holds professional workshops with a focus on improving awareness when improvising and how that affects totality in movement. She wants to support playfulness and bring confidence in creating and improvising.

We will discover a rich and complex movement quality through improvising with images which put your focus inside of your body.The aim is to discover the natural pulsation of the body and to use the body wight and breath to find a very instinctual , natural loose approach to movements.’

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