Workshop Viewpoints in Dance and Theatre

Workshop Viewpoints in Dance and Theatre
24- 27 February, Lisbon, Portugal
10 am – 2 pm

with Maria Ramos and Joana Pupo

Performing arts professionals and students (fine arts professionals and students with prior experience in movement and or performance).

What happens when we STOP or SUSPEND an action?
This is the key question for the workshop VIEWPOINTS IN DANCE AND THEATER, led by Maria Ramos and Joana Pupo. If in stopping, when we immobilise the body, we discover the possibility of drastically changing the “scene”, in suspension we discover the movement of the eyes and the possibility of expanding time in the scene.
Continuing the dialog between improvisation and composition, in this third workshop, we will work on the following aspects: practicing the language of the viewpoints and develop the ability to manipulate it in the context of the ensemble’s game; fine-tuning our im- mediate response while jamming; using multiple points of attention, maintaining the clarity of our decisions.

MARIA RAMOS learned about The Viewpoints in dance improvisation and composition ac- cording to its first ‘organizer’, choreographer Mary Overlie. Overlie stated that no one can invent The Viewpoints because they are al- ready there and exist to reveal the structure of composition.
JOANA PUPO got to know The Viewpoints through Anne Bogart and the SITI Company. For more than three decades, Bogart has developed The Viewpoints adaptation to the theater and prac- ticed a close relationship between improvisation and composition, where listening and move- ment are essential tools for devising work.
Maria Ramos, dancer and choreographer, and Joana Pupo, actress and director, met in 2011 in the context of the Ready Made Group: an interdisciplinary project of improvisation practices (initiated by Joana Pupo) which, based on The Viewpoints as a common artistic language, brought together dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists, and writers to create in the context of Jam Sessions.

The Viewpoints is an improvisation technique created by choreogra- pher Mary Overlie. Overlie articulated the main questions a performer deals with, when devising work, in six categories: space; shape; time; emotion; movement and story. Her proposal is called The Six Viewpoints and represents a non-hierarchical and postmodern ap- proach to the practice of dance and theatre.
Since then, directors Anne Bogart and Tina Landau adapted and de- veloped The Viewpoints as a research and performance language. The Viewpoints are a movement language. They allow a group of performers to generate performance material and develop the ability to dialogue between improvisation and composition.

Data limite de inscrições
20 February

Lisboa, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas, Dance Studio

Datas de realização
24 to 27 February

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120 euros, until 15th February* 150 euros, from 16th February* [* 10% discount for M. Ramos and J. Pupo’ students (in any context or school) and recent ESD and ESAD graduates.]


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