Audição: Wee Dance Company

Wee Dance Company (Dance CO. of the GERHART-HAUPTMANN-THEATER GÖRLITZ-ZITTAU) is looking for contemporary male dancers with a strong technique and good improvisational skills for the upcoming season August 24th 2017 till mid July 2018. When: On the 25th and 26th of June 2017 Deadline for applications: 16th of June 2017 Where: Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau, Demianiplatz 2, […]

Audição: The Wee Dance Company

The wee dance company is looking for two male dancers for the upcoming season, August 27th 2015 until mid July 2016. Deadline for application: 2nd June 2015 Where: Görlitz Theater, Demiani Platz 2, 02826 Germany When: 6th and 7th June 2015 Please read the following about our work to ensure you truly believe you could […]